• John Eady

Assistant Port Engineer

POSITION TITLE: Assistant Port Engineer


POINT OF CONTACT:  SSO EURAF Operations Officer – LT Dan Diotalevi, daniel.diotalevi@eu.navy.mil +39-081-568-4096 SUPPORTED COMMAND: Military Sealift Command, EURAF, Naval Support Activity Naples, Italy

LOCATION:  TBD upon award of yard contract (MSCEURAF AOR)


NUMBER REQUESTED:  2 per reporting period

DATES: 01NOV18-16DEC18, 16DEC18-29JAN19

Start Date (Travel Start): 01NOV18 (30OCT18)     14DEC18 (16DEC18)  DURATION:  45 days


TYPE OF ORDERS: ADT POSITION DESCRIPTION:  Assistant Port Engineer during vessel dry dock. Dates/locations subject to schedule changes.  Report to Principal Port Engineer; responsible for over sight on various work items, engineering troubleshooting, administrative duties, budget monitoring, weekly progress reporting. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS DESIRED:  Applicants should be a qualified sailing merchant mariner holding at least a USCG 2nd Mate/Assistant Engineer's license, working in a shore side operations role, or current port engineer.  Applicant should possess knowledge on MSC practices and command structure. MSC experience highly preferred, but not required. Prior dry-dock experience preferred.

ADDITIONAL REMARKS:  ADT will be performed within U.S. Sixth Fleet. Duty will include working weekends; variances will be at PPE/Supervisor’s discretion and approval from MSCEURAF Leadership. Applicant/s will be expected to give turnover to relief upon arrival.

ADDITIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: Applicant should become familiar with MSC SOM and command structure. UNIFORM:  NWU Type III; coveralls/work clothing and PPE

US PASSPORT:  Required

Applications are due 60 days prior to date range (exceptions to be made for October pending SSOP Office approval)

Contact the POC via email, indicating this ADT. Attach your sanitized RESUME, Navy Biography, verify you have an Active NMCI account, last three (3) FITREPs and provide the following:

Name/Rank: Contact phone number/email: Navy email/active status (MUST HAVE AN ACTIVE NMCI ACCOUNT) (Y/N): MMC Held/Expiration: Preferred Date Range: Alternate Date Range: DOD ID Number (back of CAC): Sailing (Y/N): Current Employer: FY18 IA/Cyber-Awareness training certificate date (e-Learning only accepted): PHA Expiration Date: Dental Exam Expiration Date: Last PRT Participation Date: Unpaid Orders/ Travel Claim Submitted (Y/N): Security Clearance Expiration:  SSOWI (Y/N): First ADT for FY19 (Y/N): Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) (Y/N):

Interested SSOs will be screened by SSO EURAF Operations Officer and MSC EURAF leadership.

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