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BRMW SSOs completed their 86th underway workshop aboard surface combatants, training watch standers and sharing industry best practices. Underway workshops are scheduled for ships in Rota, Bahrain, Hawaii, and Japan, in addition to CONUS fleet concentration areas (San Diego, Norfolk, Mayport). 2 SELRES units have been established to support SURFOR’s #1 training priority. Both PAC and LANT units have open JO SELRES billets (LT & LCDR). If you’re an actively sailing SSO and interested/professionally curious about BRMW SELRES opportunities, contact the POC below. BRMW will continue with support from the IRR for ADTs.

Accepting BRMW ADT applications for CY20

Requirements: 0-3 to 0-5 only, Chief Mate or Master unlimited License, actively sailing as 2nd Mate or higher.

Locations: San Diego CA, Norfolk VA, Mayport FL, Everett WA, Hawaii, with possible travel to Japan, Bahrain, and Spain.

2 weeks to multi-month orders available.

Email CDR Sean Moriarty if you are interested in this ADT: sean.m.moriarty1@navy.mil

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