• John Eady

Life Cycle Maintenance & Ship Repair Support (N755)

Position Title:  Life Cycle Maintenance & Ship Repair Support (N755)

Points of Contact:

Alan D. Ronald, MSC N755, alan.ronald@navy.mil , 757-341-6216 Rick Albert, MSC N75, rick.albert@navy.mil , 757-341-6215

CC: john.stulz@navy.mil; aaron.natusch@navy.mil

Supported Command:  MSC, N7

Grade/Designator: O2-O4, 1665, SSRF

Number of Personnel Required: 1 per period

Start Date (Travel Start):  10/15/18-11/30/18        1/15/19 – 3/1/19

Duration:  45 days each 

Clearance required:  SECRET

Type of Orders:  ADT

Position Description:  Work in N7 spaces (& onboard local vessels as needed) alongside Port Engineers and Engineering Type Desks to review/consolidate maintenance data and perform oversite of lifecycle management repair work related to MSC ships under both the Government Owned Government Operated (GOGO) and Government Owned Contract Operated (GOCO) programs. 

Minimum Qualifications Desired:  Applicants should be a qualified merchant mariners holding at least a USCG 3rd Assistant Engineer's license; they should possess the knowledge of current commercial shipping repair industry practices and standards.  MSC experience is desired but not required.

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