• James O'Connor


-We have recently sent several emails for delinquent medical readiness requirement. Please review your Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) via the BOL website at https://www.bol.navy.mil/ if you have any questions or concerns about your IMR, please email us at CNRFC_N14_MEDICAL@NAVY.MIL

-We have discovered that a quarter of SSO members’ baseline labs (G6PD, Sickle Cell, and Blood Type) did not reflect automatically. Please be patient as we vigilantly work towards manually updating and correcting the issue.

-As mentioned previously, civilian PHA’s are NOT AUTHORIZED. We understand the abrupt notice and will allow a grace period to submit any civilian PHA’s completed PRIOR to 15 January 2020. You will have until 30 April 2020 to submit any civilian PHA’s that have not already been submitted. Starting 01 May 2020, we will no longer accept ANY civilian PHA’s, past or present. Please go to Bupers Online and refer to your IMR to ensure that your most current civilian PHA has been submitted.

-When emailing the Medical Department, please provide your rank, legal first name, and last name to better assist you. if you have recently changed your name, please include both in the case that your records have not been updated.

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