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LTJG Shavonne Boyle

In order for the FE SSO Operations Officer to reserve a seat and/or build an NROWS requirement, members must provide/verify the following:

1. Resume

2. Navy Bio

3. MMC Reference Number

4. Passport number and expiration date

5. Isolated Personnel Report (ISOPREP) submission certificate. Required

within one year of arrival.

-Must be completed on DoD computer (visit local NOSC)

-If done previously, update on SIPR: https://prmsglobal.prms.af.smil.mil . By contacting your local NOSC (any NOSC with SIPR access), they may be able to complete/update this for you. If so, please have the NOSC personnel send the SSO FE Operations Officer an email (using their SIPR email) stating what day it was updated.

-If not done previously, access on NIPR: https://prmsglobal.prms.af.mil/prmsconv/profile/survey/survey.aspx

6. Update RED/DA verification via NSIPS

7. Navy E-Learning Courses:

7.a. AT Level I Course ID: CENSECFOR-AT-010-1.0

7.b. SERE Training Course ID: JKDDC-LEVEL-A-COCTM-100.2 (expires after 3 years)

7.c. Cyber Awareness Course ID: DOD-IAA-V17.0

8. If your NMCI account is inactive, please upload the required documents to the N14 drop box to start the unlock process (new hard hold requirement). MSCFE INDOC is a requirement before applying for another ADT in the AOR. Please note INDOC requires the SSOWI.

FY20 INDOC dates available:

INDOC – JUL (3 seats available) July 13, 2020—July 25, 2020 INDOC – SEP (2 seats available) September 7, 2020—September 18, 2020

Please contact Shavonne.boyle@fe.navy.mil if interested.

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