• James O'Connor


LCDR Shawn Strawbridge:

FY20 ADT’s have been greatly supporting our 31 Command’s, thank you to all that have reported for duty and those already scheduled for the future. For those of you that have not yet booked your ADT, submit your application via email to me at shawn.p.strawbridge1@navy.mil ASAP. The Deadline is fast approaching. CW has no further availability for FY20. Training Resources Limited Maritime Institute (TRLMI) in San Diego is a great choice for STCW training (BTR, AFFR, PSCR, RADAR) if you need to complete. Great job to all of you that have completed the Navy Reserve Leadership courses. For those of you who have not, please submit your application for a class closest to you. SSO PAC handles all orders for class in the PAC AOR plus Texas.

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