• John Eady

MSCCENT Surface Router / Deputy Operations Officer

Position Title: MSCCENT Surface Router / Deputy Operations Officer

Points of Contact: LCDR Mickey Hand (Mickey.Hand@me.navy.mil) or LT Nicholas Skogen (Nicholas.Skogen@me.navy.mil), MSCCENT SSO Operations Officer

CC: Edward.Faulk@me.navy.mil

Supported Command:  MSCCENT, N3 Operations

Grade/Designator:  O2-O4, 1665 (UIC: SSRF/2525M only)

Number of Personnel Required:  1 per reporting period

Start Date (Travel Start):  Negotiable throughout FY19 Duration:  43 Days

Clearance required:  Secret

Type of Orders:  ADT

Position Description: Assist MSCCENT/CTF-53 surface routers with assigning MSC vessel Replenishments at Sea (RAS), port visits, diplomatic clearance, force protection, and shipyard periods. Work directly with vessels to ensure regulatory compliance and all training, inspections, and certifications are within periodicity.

Minimum Qualifications Desired: Member should be qualified to wear SSOWI

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