• James O'Connor


ENS Torres has taken over the N14 Ops Officer position from LTJG Anderson, please direct all questions about orders and NROWS to: ryan.m.torres4@navy.mil or call 757-322-2491


-When orders are routed to you remember to check “Create Application from Approved Requirement” instead of your Inbox

-N7 Funded orders for STCW, SOLC, and other classes take time to be validated. If you do not see any routings around 2-3 weeks before please give the office a call

-If you cannot meet the deadline to get readiness items done you can always push your orders back to give yourself more time rather than cancel them entirely

**SELRES MEMBERS** To see the process for submitting “SSO specific” retirement point/AQD requests, please visit the Virtual NOSC Drop Box documents section and find the PDF labeled “SELRES Points/AQD Submission Process.”

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