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The process for a Security Clearance can take up to a year to get adjudicated; please be patient as this process runs its course. Additionally, you will not be notified of a status on your Security Clearance unless there are issues encountered.

Please contact YN1 Cleland for any questions.

Please expect to be notified 3 months prior to your close investigation date. We will NOT initiate a PSI prior to the three month deadline. You can find your Security Clearance information on the Total Workforce Management Services TWMS website. Once you logon to TWMS, click on “Security Clearance Info” under the “Navigation” header on the left hand side of the main page. Under the “Investigation Information”section, look at the “Date Investigation Closed” and add 10 years to that date to get your expiration for your SECRET Security Clearance. https://twms.navy.mil/selfservice/login.asp

Confidential Clearance:

Expires after 15 years

Secret Clearance:

Expires after 10 years

Top Secret Clearance:

Expires after 6 years

Any members traveling OCONUS for personal travel please notify the security department so we can update JPAS with current status. If you are traveling for work related purposes you DO NOT have to notify the security department.

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