• John Eady

SRD ShipCheck Support

Position Title: SRD ShipCheck Support

Points of Contact: Andrea Orlowski, MSC N7413, Andrea.orlowski@navy.mil 757-443-3954

CC: john.stulz@navy.mil; aaron.natusch@navy.mil

Supported Command:  MSC, N7 Engineering

Grade/Designator:  O1-O3, 1665 (SSRF/ UIC: 2525M only)

Number of Personnel Required:  2

Start Date (Travel Start):  10/15/18-11/30/18

Duration:  45  days 

Clearance required:  Secret

Type of Orders:  ADT

Position Description: Member is responsible for ship checking the USNS PLESS to validate and update Ship Selected Record Drawings consisting of piping systems, HVAC, electrical and damage control drawings. 

Minimum Qualifications Desired:  Engineers Only.

Additional qualifications: 1- Applicant should possess a Degree in Marine Engineering, current USCG license.

2- Applicant should be familiar with Shipboard Regulatory bodies (ABS and USCG).

3- Applicant will serve as an assistant port engineer for various classes of MSC ships.

4 -The applicant should be self-starting and capable of performing port engineer duties, and ship repair work with little supervision.

Uniform:  NWU

Applications due by COB 02-OCT

Contact ALL POCs via email, indicating this ADT. Attach your sanitized RESUME, and provide the following information:

Name/Rank: Contact phone number/email: DOD ID Number (back of CAC): Sailing (Y/N): Current Employer: FY18 IA/Cyber-Awareness training certificate MMC Held/Expiration Date: PHA Expiration Date: Dental Exam Expiration Date: Security Clearance Expiration Date: 2017 PRT Participation (Y/N): Unpaid Orders/ Travel Claim Submitted (Y/N): SSO Warfare Insignia (Y/N): Active NMCI Account (Y/N):  

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