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STCW Basic Training Refresher (BT-R) and Advanced Fire Fighting Refresher Training

POSITION TITLE: STCW Basic Training Refresher (BT-R) and Advanced Fire Fighting Refresher Training


POINT OF CONTACT: SSO PAC Operations Officer - LCDR Shawn Strawbridge, shawn.p.strawbridge1@navy.mil, (619)-524-9656

SUPPORTED COMMAND: Military Sealift Command, Pacific, Naval Base Point Loma, San Diego, CA 

LOCATION: Training Support Center (Training Center West), Naval Base San Diego, 32nd St

GRADE/DESIGNATOR:  01-06, 1665 (Deck or Engine SELRES/*SSRF) 

NUMBER OF PERSONNEL REQUIRED:  Pending available seating in the class at the time of submittal

DATE RANGE*: 5 days (ADT-SCHOOLS for training dates. *SSRF (only) will be matched with follow-on assignment to MSCPAC supported commands for full 2 week ADT using N14-funded ADT).

15-19OCT2019 10-14DEC2019 (Basic Ops available 03-07DEC) 11-15FEB2019 04-08MAR2019 01-05APR2019 29APR-02MAY2019 17-21JUN2019 22-26JUL2019 12-16AUG2019



POSITION DESCRIPTION: Basic Training Refresher (BT-R) is offered at MSC Training Center West (TC-W), located at Navy Base San Diego 32nd street (Dry Side). Also available is 2 day ADV Fire Fighting Refresher. These are required training (every 5 years) for MMC credential renewal and to remain STCW and SSO compliant.

If class is at the beginning of your ADT, report directly to MSC Training Center West (Dry Side) at 0645 - not to MSCPAC. Seats are reserved, but given away to stand-by students if you are not in the classroom before 0700. Notify SSO OIC of your arrival at class on Monday morning via email/phone so your Orders will be processed for pay. You must successfully complete all days of the course to receive a certificate.

ADDITIONAL QUALIFICATION(S): 1 - Navy e-learning courses (must bring a copy of your certificate for the ship): Anti-Terrorism & Force Protection, SAPR, and IA/Cyber-Awareness for FY19 2 - NNPI access 3 - NUC certification 4 - Familiarity with WEBAIM, MAT, iQuery, TOC and Cost is recommended but not required.

UNIFORM:  Civilian clothes authorized for courses. Wear cotton/long sleeves for FF evolutions, and appropriate swim wear for pool evolution for BT-R. Bring swimming gear on the first day and be clean-shaven for all classes. NWUs/Khakis for remainder of your 2 week ADT.

Applications are due 60 days prior to date range (exceptions to be made for October pending SSOP Office approval)

Contact the POC via email, indicating this ADT. Attach your sanitized RESUME, verify that you have an Active NMCI account, and provide the following:

SELRES (Y/N):      Name/Rank: Contact phone number/email: Navy email status (MUST HAVE AN ACTIVE NMCI ACCOUNT) (Y/N): MMC Held/Expiration: Preferred Date Range: Alternate Date Range: DOD ID Number (back of CAC): Sailing (Y/N): Current Employer: FY18 IA/Cyber-Awareness training certificate date (e-Learning only accepted): PHA Expiration Date: Dental Exam Expiration Date: 2018 PRT Participation (Y/N): Unpaid Orders/ Travel Claim Submitted (Y/N): Security Clearance Expiration:  SSOWI (Y/N):

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