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Strategic Sealift Officer (1665 SELRES/ SSRF) ADT Opportunity: FY19 Post-Commissioning Indoctrinatio

Billet: FY19 SSO Post-Commissioning Indoctrination (PCI) Support

Supported Command: Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command (N14)

POC:   LCDR Robert Blandford, Strategic Sealift Officer Assistant Program Manager POC Email:  Robert.J.Blandford2@navy.mil

Billet Titles: a. Instructor – One SELRES (minimum 5 years) AND One SSRF. b. Mentor - (SELRES or SSRF) - Senior staff member c. Squad Leader (SSRF Mid-Level Lieutenant)-- Assistant staff member

Grade: 03-06

Number of Positions Required: Max of 4 combined (check with POC for availability)

Number of Days: 13 days ADT, Schedule posted on SharePoint/Facebook and emailed out as a PDF.  Class#  Dates  1901     22OCT2018 TO 02NOV2018  1902     03DEC2018 TO 14DEC2018  1903     21JAN2019 TO 01FEB2019  1904     04MAR2019 TO 15MAR2019  1905     01APR2019 TO 12APR2019  1906     13MAY2019 TO 24MAY2019  1907     17JUN2019 TO 28JUN2019  1908     22JUL2019 TO 02AUG2019  1909     09SEP2019 TO 20SEP2019

Clearance Required: SECRET

Order Type: ADT

Location:  NOSC Norfolk; JEB Little Creek

General Scope of Responsibilities:

The primary responsibility of each staff member is the safety and well-being of all students.  Instructors are responsible for providing quality instruction to students and following the course schedule.  In addition, it is the responsibility of every instructor to ensure that each student in his/her class has a productive, challenging, and meaningful experience in this class.

Instructor/Mentors/Squad Leader Qualifications:

a. A strong working knowledge of SSRF compliance requirements b. Strong interpersonal & public speaking skills c. A professional attitude and manner that reflects the high standards of the program you serve and represent d. SSO Program Readiness and Participation Compliance

Responsibilities: a. Monitor the behavior and progress of the students b. Begin class on time in an orderly, organized fashion c. Be courteous to and approachable by students d. Use effective motivation to help stimulate a personal desire to learn the subject/skill(s) e. Instructors are required to engage in all scheduled activities f. Be knowledgeable about and abide by Navy policies and procedures, including Uniform Regulations and Customs & Courtesies g. Perform other reasonable duties as assigned by the SSOP Training Officer h. Squad Leaders will receive separate follow-up instruction and individual mentorship from the Program Manager and senior SSOs

Interested Personnel to email the following to the POC listed above with Navy Bio, Civilian Resume, Last 3 FITREP and the readiness questionnaire below:

Name/Rank: Cell Phone/Email: Requested Course Date with Desired Position: MMC Held + Expiration Date: FY19 IA/Cyber-Awareness training certificate PHA Expiration Date: Dental Exam Expiration Date: PRT Participation Date (Y/N): Unliquidated Orders/ Travel Claim Submitted (Y/N): Active NMCI Account (Y/N): Security Clearance Expiration Date: SSOWI (Y/N): NSIPS Civilian Employment Information (CEI) Validation Date: NSIPS Dependency Data Validation Date:

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