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Strategic Sealift Officer (1665 SSRF) ADT Opportunity: PHNSY&IMF Shipyard Technical Support

POSITION TITLE:  PHNSY&IMF Shipyard Technical Support


POINT OF CONTACTS:   SSO PAC Operations Officer - LCDR Shawn Strawbridge, shawn.p.strawbridge1@navy.mil, (619)-524-9656, PHNSY & IMF Lead POC CDR Ravanpey, ramin.ravanpey@navy.mil, (425)-420-6901, PHNSY & IMF SurgeMain Program Manager LCDR Melvan (Trey) Morris, Melvan.morris@navy.mil

SUPPORTED COMMAND:  Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard

LOCATION:  Pearl Harbor, HI


NUMBER OF PERSONNEL REQUIRED:   2 per arrival period

DATE RANGE:  First day listed is the Indoctrination date currently, with travel day being the day prior. 02DEC19 – 14DEC19 06JAN19 – 18JAN19 03FEB19 – 15FEB19 03MAR19 – 15MAR19 31MAR19 – 12APR19 05MAY19 – 17MAY19 02JUN19 – 14JUN19 07JUL19 – 19JUL19 04AUG19 – 16AUG19 08SEP19 – 20SEP19


POSITION DESCRIPTIONS:  Business Execution Plan identified four focus areas: 1. Predictive Planning with Waterfront Focus 2. Workforce Engagement and Development 3. Innovation and Technology Insertion 4. Capabilities and Facilities

Members will be supporting all four focus areas.  Numerous projects have been vetted across the key shipyard codes where reservists can provide Shipyard Technical Support (STS). These projects are generally considered “Second Quadrant” tasks – ones that are important to the shipyard but not very time-sensitive. Members may be assigned to the code and project with the highest priority. PHNSY&IMF FY19 STS Projects Appropriate for SSOs will be setup between each qualifying member and PHNSY&IMF.

ADDITIONAL QUALIFICATIONS:  Member must have SSOWI. Active NNPI account (for access to NNPI computers) and active NMCI account preferred but not required.


Applications are due 60 days prior to date range. Contact the POC via email, indicating this ADT.

Attach your sanitized RESUME, verify that you have an Active NMCI account, and provide the following questionnaire responses:   

Name & Rank: Contact phone number & email: Navy email/active status (MUST HAVE AN ACTIVE NMCI ACCOUNT) (Y/N): Active NNPI account (Y/N): NUCLEAR Qualifications: MMC Held & Expiration: Preferred Date Range: Alternate Date Range: Sailing (Y/N): Current Employer: FY19 IA/Cyber-Awareness training certificate date (e-Learning only accepted): PHA Expiration Date: Dental Exam Expiration Date: 2018 PRT Participation (Y/N): Unpaid Orders/ Travel Claim Submitted (Y/N): Security Clearance Expiration:  SSOWI (Y/N): Dependency Data verification date (NSIPS): Civilian Employment information verification date (NSIPS): FY19 ADTs already completed or applications in progress (Y/N, if yes specify opportunity and POC):

Interested SSOs will be screened by the SSO PAC Operations Officer and PHNSY&IMF leadership.

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