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Strategic Sealift Officer (1665 SSRF) ADT Opportunity: Texas Maritime Academy SSO LNO

Billet: Texas Maritime Academy Department of Naval Science (DNS) SSO LNO

Location: Texas Maritime Academy – Texas A&M University - Galveston

Dates: : 16 January - 11 May 2019, 132 Day, ADT

Rank:  O2-O3

Designator: 1665 SSRF 2525M Only

Positions: 1

POCs:  LCDR David Youngman (david.a.youngman1@navy.mil) ; AOIC LT William F. Fortin (fortinw@tamug.edu)

Uniform: NWU, Khakis, Service Dress, PTUs

Response Required NLT: 25 NOV 2018

Billet/Job Description:

> Report directly to the Texas Maritime DNS OIC. > Serve as resident SSO subject matter expert to assist in instructing Midshipmen in the Strategic Sealift Midshipmen Program at Texas Maritime.  > Serve as a liaison between Texas Maritime DNS, SSO Program Office, and Strategic Sealift Midshipmen Program stakeholders.  > Assist Texas Maritime DNS with Midshipmen program management, administrative tasks, outreach, supply inventory, enrollment prep, commissioning prep, and Professional Review Board processing.  > Act as a SSO mentor for Midshipmen.


> Member must have earned SSOWI. > Recent PCI Instructor or Squad Leader Experience strongly desired. > Member must have a good working knowledge of the SSO Program and Military Sealift Command. > The selected officer will be expected to have demonstrated consistent excellent performance in the SSO Community. > This duty is for those members who wish to contribute more to the program on long term ADT orders. > Recent sailing experience, advanced licenses and leadership experience as an instructor/professor are a plus.

Additional Remarks: Interested personnel should apply to LCDR David Youngman with Resume, Navy Bio, last three FITREP and the following readiness questionnaire:

Name/Rank: Contact phone number/email: MMC Held/Expiration Date: Sailing (Y/N): Current Employer: PHA Expiration Date: Dental Exam Expiration Date: 2018 PRT Participation Date: Unpaid Orders/ Travel Claim Submitted (Y/N): Security Clearance Expiration Date:  SSOWI (Y/N):NSIPS Civilian Employer Info (CEI) Updated Date:

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