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Strategic Sealift Officer (1665 SSRF) FY19 JO SELRES Selection Panel Solicitation

From: Strategic Sealift Officer Force Manager (CNRFC N14) To: Strategic Sealift Reserve Force (SSRF)

Subject: FY19 JO SELRES Selection Panel Solicitation

For SSRF Junior Officers (LTJG- LCDR) interested in affiliating SELRES, there will be a selection panel for remaining FY19 Quotas this JAN 2019.

Please forward the following requested documentation and readiness questionnaire as a *single attachment* to the N14 CHAIN OF COMMAND (TRIAD) "SCREENED APPLICATIONS DROPBOX" on N14 Sharepoint for consideration NLT 31DEC18.


Requested Supporting Documentation (please send as ONE pdf): - Letter to the SSO SELRES Selection Panel (follow same format as letter to Promotion Board) - Resume + Navy Bio - OSR + PSR (select pdf option from BUPERS- do not print screen) - Official photo in current rank - Last three FITREP (include only if not reflected on your OSR) - Last three PRT scores/ PRIMS snapshot (if not in PRIMS, send your score-sheets) - Readiness Questionnaire:    - Contact phone number/email:    - Active Navy email (Y/N):    - MMC Held/Expiration:    - Sailing (Y/N):    - PHA Expiration Date:    - Dental Exam Expiration Date:    - Unpaid Orders/ Travel Claim Submitted (Y/N):    - Security Clearance Expiration:     - SSOWI (Y/N):    - Civilian Employer Information (CEI) updated date:

Additional Notes: - The selection panel will be looking for attention to detail (ie- did you submit a COMPLETE application per instructions above?). - Members who have been selected will be notified by 31JAN19. Selectees will then work with a recruiter for follow-on screening and GAIN to SELRES. Members are encouraged to log on to RFMT and see what billets are available at your local NOSC and contact the unit leadership to inquire further. Upon affiliation, members will likely be IAP and will need to participate in JO APPLY to secure billets. - Senior SSRF members (CDR-CAPT) interested in affiliating SELRES may participate in the annual APPLY process for leadership billets. Please reference RFMT for APPLY Board guidance with special attention given to recently updated 5400. - If you are working in a shore-side capacity, this is a great opportunity to get more involved!

Additional questions may be directed to CNRFC N14 LCDR Lindsay Morin: Lindsay.Morin@navy.mil

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