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Please do not call DTMO/DTS, create a trouble ticket, or go through any other commands for DTS assistance. N14 SSO staff will assist you with all of your DTS questions. Do not edit or make any adjustments to your DTS authorizations failure to comply will result in cancellation of your orders or a voucher reject.

When creating and completing a voucher in DTS, the following documentation MUST be uploaded to the voucher in order to be processed for reimbursement:

Endorsed Orders (all pages including any/all MODs (also endorsed))

Official SATO Itinerary. The SATO itinerary we are looking for will say: THIS IS YOUR OFFICIAL RECEIPT FOR TRAVEL PLEASE RETAIN FOR VOUCHERING OR REIMBURSEMENT PURPOSES. If you did not receive an official receipt you can request an invoice from the CWT SATO website.

Receipts. Rental Car, Lodging, Fuel, CNA (Certificate of Non-Availability), Parking, Taxi, Tolls, etc. When submitting rental car and lodging receipts ensure they are completely paid out to the company/hotel. Rental/Hotel Estimates will not be accepted as usable receipts.

**For PCI ENS Only**: Please ensure you update your banking information in the your DTS profile in addition to uploading a

copy of your EFT banking information to the Expenses tab of the voucher.

***For Everyone***: Please ensure your banking information is correct and up-to-date in your DTS profile. If it is not, you will not receive a reimbursement until the correct information is present. If any of the above documents are missing from the voucher, we will return the document to you for correction. If you need assistance with your voucher either utilize the guide posted to the Admin/Personnel Dropbox and/or SSO Facebook Page, or call the Program Office. We will help you complete your voucher and answer any questions you may have. Any members traveling OCONUS for personal travel please notify the security department so we can update JPAS with current status. If you are traveling for work related purposes you DO NOT have to notify the security department

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