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***UPDATED*** MOB OPP 1XXX (E-7 to O-3) CONUS, RLD 3/01/2019 (NE-1904-0009)

Eligibility Requirements:

A. Grade: E-7 to O-3

B. Designator: 1XXX

C. Clearance:  SECRET


Billet Summary:

1. Title: Data Action Officer

2. Location:  CONUS

3. NOSC Report Date: 3/01/2019

4. Duration: 340 Days Boots-on-Ground

5. Type of Orders: Involuntary

6. Planned Order Authority*:  10 USC § 12302

7. Description: Position requires a Sailor to work as part of a highly effective team of senior military and civilian personnel responsible for making decisions affecting governing policies and processes associated with manning requirements. Duties include interacting on a daily basis with Echelon I, II, and III commands.  Mature judgment and problem-solving skills required to ensure database/vetting transaction accuracy and that any discrepancies are addressed with appropriate urgency to achieve desired result of maximum, positive results for each member, and their respective chain-of-command.  Sailor should report with a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint as well as a general knowledge of Navy Manpower processes.  Experience working on a staff is preferred but not required.  Sailor will also perform, monitor, and track various functions and personnel assignments, provide analytical feedback and assessments to stakeholders and senior leadership which includes preparing briefs that include real-time metrics and establishes various manning trends.

Application Deadline: 12/7/2018 - selection may occur prior to the deadline.


As this is a competitive, screened billet, interested candidates must send the following items in an encrypted email to Mr. Russ LaParre at Russell.laparre@navy.mil:

1. OSR and PSR

2. Resume (civilian and military if applicable)

3. Biography

4. Last Three years’ worth of FITREPs

5. Two Professional References

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